If you get to this page, you're one of the people who actually read this blog and won't complain that your Account is gone by accident, wrong APK/ Installation file or self-hacking.

Let me show you the simple way how to Save your Units, your fruits and all the gamedata you have:

Important !: If you switch from Android to iOS or iOS to Android you will loose all the remaining fruits you had before.

1. Change Device

2. Issue Password

3. Hit the "Issue" button

4. Your whole gamedata is saved from now on for 3 months !
i censored my password here.

You can screenshot for youself, or hit the right button "Send Mail" to send yourself a mail with the password.

You don't need to immediately login again. You can play with this saved id+pw like before, but after 3 months it won't be saved with a password anymore. So you have to redo the saving just in case you accidentaly uninstall or broke your device. 

5. Hit the upper right button "Support"

6. Hit the "Change Device" button

7. To login with the saved Account you have to input the last saved ID and Password. Remember ?

Thats it !

Since there are non-announced updates:
Account Restoration

"HELP ME !  I did not save my Account and i only know my ID and some of my best Units i had."

You can hit those button to maybe restore your ID and all the data.

1. Hit the Support button

2. Data Restoration button. You will be redirected to a link from Bandai Namco.

3. Read through the information carefully and write a blank email with the given text.

Click on the Link marked in this picture to write the email

4. You will receive an email from bandai with a link to a website. Click on it and fill out their form.

It will ask for things like:

Your ID, Current Captain, Birthday, How long is the account active and some other captains you had at the time of loss. etc.

I hope this guide will help you and others in future.

guides and tips for other question will be shown either in the FAQ or additional guides i will set to the "Guides" Tab:

Question: How long do i have to wait until i get the email ?

Answer: Individualy from 2 days up to 7 days

Question: Ok i filled out the form and send OK. How long now ?

Answer: Individualy from 2 days up to 21 days

If you broke the policies or hack around your account will be banned : )

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