Having friends in this game is important to the success of your account. Not only do they give you access to another Leader Ability during fights, but they also have perks like doing Friend Games to get FREE gifts! 

To access the "Friends" page, click the "Friends" icon on the menu at the bottom. Each button is explained below:

Friend List: All friends added will appear on this list and you can choose to Favorite or Delete them.

View Mail/Friend Apprv.: Mail and Friend Requests are stored here.

Title Setting: Set up your Title here. Your title's arrangement does not give any benefits.

Find Friends: Your ID is shown and you can type in friend codes to send requests to other people!

Friend Game: Play a game with one of your friends to receive a prize!

Friend List

Your friends will be necessary as you go further into the game. You will have to depend on your friends to put up the leaders that you need to overcome any obstacles. Because of this, you shouldn't aimlessly add friends; rather, you should add friends that will benefit you and your team. You can find friends by adding the "Guests" that show up before you enter a stage, or you can find them from the OPTC community on the internet.

  • The leader that your friend currently has selected from the "Edit Crew" menu will be the leader that you can use.
  • After you use a friend or when the timer runs out, this friend will not appear on your available friends list until both you and your friend re-login back into the game.
  • If you can contact your friend, you can ask them to change their leader, and you can re-login to use the desired leader (if you have used them already, your friend must also re-login).

  • When you enter the "Select Helper" menu, you will see that there is a text that says something like "5h left". This is telling you that you have about 5 hours until this friend is removed from the available leaders you can use. This time will reset when your friend re-logins. 


  • The timer that was mentioned above is affected by the level difference between you and your friend. 
    • If you are within 10 levels of your friend, the amount of time that you have to use your friend after they re-login is 10 hours. 
    • For each 10 levels difference that you are away from your friend, a 1 hour deduction is taken away from the normal 10 hours allotted. 
    • If the level difference between you and your friend is 100 or more, you will only have one hour to use your friend after they re-login.
  • Each day, the first time you use your friend will give you 10 FP (Friend Points). The day resets at 4:00 PST so you can get points from your friends again after this time. 
    • Though a new day resets at 4:00 PST, there seems to be a visual error that makes it so that the "10 POINTS" shown under your friends does not reset. The "10 POINTS" visual error will reset at 11:00 PST. 
    • For example, let's say you used your friend at 5:00 PST. At 11:00 PST, the game will show that you can get "10 POINTS" from the same friend, but you will get no points because you have already used them that day.  

Friend Game

Friend Games are not really games, but more like the process to get FREE stuff! You can do up to 5 Friend Games per week and only once per friend. Friend Game attempts do not rollover to the next week so use them before the week resets on Monday 4:00 PST! 

Possible prizes include:
  • 20,000 - 50,000 Beli
  • 500 Friend Points
  • Black Daimyo Turtle
  • 5 Cola
  • 3 Keys

The possible colors for chests that you can have are Wooden, Silver, and Gold. Most people prefer trading only Silver and Gold chests because of the slightly higher chance of getting keys and cola.

You can check the color of your chest by looking through your Friend List for people that have a gold/silver chest and seeing if they have the same 6th digit as you (click your friend and their ID should be under the picture of their leader). The 6th digit numbers that share the same color are (0,5), (1,6), (2,7), (3,8), and (4,9). You can also use this link to find out the color of your chest:

Friend Games Walkthrough:

  1. Have a Friend ready to do a Friend Game with you.
  2. If you and your friend are not within 5 kilometers of each other, one of you will need to get a Fake GPS application on your device to move somewhere close to the other person (IOS Devices that are not jailbroken do not have access to Fake GPS applications).
  3. Click "FRIENDS" on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click "FRIEND GAMES".
  5. Click "START GAME".
  6. Click "PROCEED".
  7. Tap on the barrel with your friend until the Friend Game screen comes up.
  8. Proceed to your Prize!

Keys are used to enter the "Jeweled Porc Sanctuary" in the Extra Island. For 5 Stamina, you get 900 Pirate XP and a chance to get pigs that give more XP after you evolve them!

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